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Roy W. Craik
Chairman & Founding Partner



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Roy entered the life insurance business in 1966, leaving his position as Senior Trust Officer and Estate Planner with a major Canadian trust company. He quickly established himself as a leader in tax and estate planning, working with wealthy families and corporations. 

Roy’s contribution to the Canadian insurance industry has been a remarkable blend of innovation backed by a solid understanding of the Tax Act. For example, his analysis of the 1969 Benson White Paper on Tax Reform was syndicated by the Winnipeg Free Press and published across Canada. In response to the changing needs of his clients, he  participated as a member of the team that designed Adjustable Single Premium Whole Life. Subsequently, he created Term to 100 and, later, the concept of the side fund.  

It was not long after the introduction of the Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) legislation in 1986 that Roy launched   Retirement Compensation Funding. A new company in name only, it already employed the expertise of individuals with many years experience with life insurance and trusts. The realization that an increasing number of executives would soon be preoccupied with retirement planning pushed the partners of RcF forward. Research with actuaries, pension consultants and insurance companies provided the basis to finally perfect an RCA funding product design. Working closely with Canada Life, Roy developed the first pure RCA funding product available in Canada. 

In the years that followed, Roy worked with wealthy families and corporations to identify and secure both their insurance and supplemental retirement income needs, using both RCAs and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs). In addition to his work with private clients, Roy lectured extensively on both high net worth life insurance and supplemental pensions. In addition to Canada Life, he developed strategic alliances with insurance companies such as ITT Hartford Life Canada and Standard Life to ensure that an appropriate pension shortfall funding product was available to the Canadian market.

In April of 2004, RcF’s exclusive arrangement with Canada Life ended. Retirement Compensation Funding continues its mission to transform pension needs into retirement realities, but now deals with multiple insurers. This new organization is staffed by experienced people – the same people who were involved in administering and marketing the RRSPWrapTM and PENSIONPlusTM during Roy’s four-year tenure with Canada Life. Roy and his team at RcF offer specially designed funding concepts, such as the RRSPWrapTM, PENSIONWrapTm, OPTIMIZER and ANNUITZER, recognized and underwritten by Canada’s major life insurers. The MPPPWrapTM and IPPWrapTM are also available to wrap around Money Purchase Pension Plans and Individual Pension Plans.

From coast to coast, Roy W. Craik and RcF are known by investment dealers as well as financial and insurance advisors for expertise in the design and funding of Supplemental Retirement Plans.


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