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 We regularly hold lunch & learn seminars and dinner events for supplemental corporate pension plans including Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs), Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), and more.  Below is a list of upcoming dates, and visit this page often for the latest updates:
 TBA - 'Securing the Future' - Client Dinner Seminar to selected IDC Financial Advisor and their Clients from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.  Contact your IDC Business Development Executive or RCF for more information and to RSVP  
 TBA- 'Pension Plans for Private Business Owners' - Overview of RCAs and IPPs.  Open to Financial Advisor at RCF Head Office.  Email for more info.  
 TBA - 'Enhancing the Future' - Tax Advantaged Corporate & Investment Strategies under the Income Tax Act including RCAs [248(1)], IPPs [147(1)], and Generational Asset Transfers [148(8)].  Open to IDC Financial Advisors & Guests.  Email for more info.  
 TBA - 'Underwriting RCAs - The Insurable Interest Dilemma' - Addressing the concerns that insurance and re-insurance Underwriters face regarding insurance funded RCAs  Open to Underwriters, Insurance Consultants, and Financial Advisors at RCF Head Office.  Email for more info.  
 TBA - 'Abusive RCA Strategies' - Analysis and discussion on CRA Technical Interpretations regarding abusive RCA strategies such as Front-End Leveraged, Split Dollar, and Shared Ownership RCAs.  Open to Accountants, Underwriters and Financial Advisors at RCF Head Office.  Email for more info.  

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