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   RCF has terminated Wholesale / 3rd Party RCA Services, and has returned to providing direct RCA services to corporations and their key executives.  Any new joint Advisor work will be considered on a case by case basis only.

This page will provide all Inforce Related Support Questions and Procedures to provide proper client services to your existing RCAs established through RCF.




  • PENSIONPlus™ FAQ: You Have Questions. We have Answers

    (English / Français)

  • PENSIONPlus™ FAQ II: You Have More Questions. We have more Answers (English / Français)

Please read through the FAQs as you will likely find the answers to most of your questions.

  RCA Guides: 
  Schedule of Future Requirements: 
  • Schedule for Future Requirements (Premium renewals for in-force RCAs & where to send the RCAIA and RTA cheques)
  • T737:
    • T737-RCA - Statement of Contributions Paid to a Custodian of an RCA
    • T737-RCASUM - Return of Contributions Paid to a Custodian of an RCA
  Triennial Reviews: 
  Distribution of Income, Investment Changes, etc: 
  • Any changes including insurance policy face amount reduction or income distribution must go through BMO Trust Company to the carrier / institution. Plan Member must send letter of direction (click for sample template letter) from their RCA Committee to BMO Trust Company to request such change.  BMO Trust Company will send the directions to the carrier / institution.

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